Dance of a horse as movement.
Long neck, long body.
Wise-looking eyes. Mane, unsplit hooves and tails.
Learn these and other characteristics of the horse.
Since the horse’s neck is long,
you cannot change it as quickly as that of a human being.
The neck protrudes from the chest.

The big and split behind of the horse.
In a horse, fear neighing, extreme temperament and ferocity
are mixed.

1. The neighing horse.
Lift up your upper body to show the length of its neck.
The neck pulled to the left.
(You are aware of the mane.)
You turn around as you become aware of something behind you.
You then feel something in front of you and you face this way again.
You take a few big steps backward.
As if you are neighing, you prance lightly.
You then land softly and then bite your own forefoot fiercely.
You then raise your body, and then start eating grass.

2. Absent-minded horse.
The heavy flesh of the horse is asleep.
Slowly execute thirteen variations of the horse’s neck,
making clear movements representing different angles and lengths.
The body becomes unstable.
You are aware of the horse’s wise-looking eyes.
You can enter the world of the anatomy book.

3. There are other variations of the horse on earth,
horse made of antenna, and melting horse.

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