Heavy Neck

Fine material of the wall. Make this rough.
Add dampness.
A heavy neck thrusts.


Heavy neck sinks. Smoke balls, sleep, emulsion, white of the eye, monsters, the entire body is wet.
The air is heavy, making it impossible to move.

With pressure from above it sinks.
The body holds the weight once, but it is on the way down.
And then, it starts sinking again.

When it comes up to the surface it becomes “Oiran”.

woman with a heavily decorated head.

A completely helpless face.
(Do not clench teeth. The body is never contorted.
This is not an expression of weight.)


Heavy neck wanders.
The heavy neck came, turned and disappeared.

It sank down with pressure from above.
Snails in whirls.
Big snails standing up.


A strange beast is wearing a heavy overcoat
which is soaking wet.

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