Glass & Water

Words of Yoshioka arranged in butoh-fu notation by Fraleigh.

Begin with a glass: Improvise by holding water in your body as you would

in a glass. Without the glass, the water gets spilled, but it’s not the

purpose to keep the water in the glass either. Let someone drink the

water, but be aware of the glass container. Now let this process change

further and faster through the following butoh-fu:

Shed Your Skin

Form and life are chasing each other,

The invisible and the visible see each other.

Produce heat through friction, and

Guide your body into a state of dance.

Balance chaos with control –

Like a calm rider on a stampeding horse.


Fraleigh, Sondra & Nakamura, Tamah. Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno Kazuo. NY, New York. 2006. Page 122.
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