From The Forest To The Swamp

1. A person is entering a sparesely-treed forest.
he is feeling silence, a sense of the presence of unseen things,
the shape of a shrub, and fallen leaves at his feet.
Darkness grows as he proceeds deeper into the forest.
The air is getting cooler.
At times, he suddenly becomes aware of himself
when leaves fall on his neck while he is staring at some twigs on a tree.
(Try to understand the different stages of darkness.)

2. He has entered the deepest part of the same forest.
He has been completely wrapped around by darkness.
There are many spider webs on the twigs
(these twigs, in the form of line drawings by Wols, are covered with dirt.)

It is now extremely quiet.
He further senses the dampness around him, the smell of grass,
the leaves falling from above, the darkness,
the coolness and the vague shape of a shrub.
He is sensing the width and height of the darkness around him.
As the darkness slowly makes him invisible,
it shows the vastness and depth of the forest.
He is trying to decide whether or not to proceed.
He shows a sense of depression.
A haze has also begun enveloping him.
Branches in the form of Wols’ painting fall in the form of peals of thunder on him.
His walk is a walk after being struck by lightning.

(During the second walk,
try to show that the lightning-branches come in the shape of your nerves,
with both thick parts and thin branches.
The feet do not trace the outline of the fallen lightening-branches on the floor.
Instead, the lightening-branches are piercing your body.)
He then comes down to a garden of darkness.
(The air of the garden is first like thin pollen
which gradually becomes thick and then is dissolved in water.)

3. He is standing on the edge of a swamp.
There is a damp breeze.
On the edge are pieces of dry drit, marshy ground,
grass, water, corpses of small animals and the smell of gas.
Shall I enter this swamp?
He crosses the swamp, his feet moving
as if touching the surface of the water.
His right foot shakes off water,
and he lands on the other side of the swamp.
He senses pieces of dry dirt on the back of his left calf.
There is another forest stretching before his eyes.
His body becomes all nerves like in the drawing by Wols.
He is now transformed in to a mask,
and then crosses another swamp before the second forest.

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