From Dry Dirt To Ghost

1. A person made of pieces of dry dirt becomes a ghost.
The ghost wanders, then transforms back into that person.
While suffering from cramps on his burns, he again becomes a ghost.
The utterly lost ghost disappears into a wall. Later,
he comes back with a certain look on his face.

2. From a doll to a ghost.
The doll stares at bloodstains on the tatami floor.
The doll turns away from the bloodstains.
Suddenly, the doll’s feet catch fire.
It had become a ghost.

3. (Repeat 1)
After he reappears with a certain look on his face,
the ghost becomes a different ghost which is on horseback.
Then a ghost made of scabs at the ruins of a fire.
Then a ghost called Ubume,
who hides her stillborn baby behind hair.
The ghost is transformed back into the person made of pieces of dry dirt.
Again, it has returned to being a ghost.
The ghost wearing high-heels walk over a swamp.

4. The person becomes a long shadow which enters a wall in the air.
A heavy neck protrudes out of the wall and wanders around.

5. A person made of loose pieces of straw comes out of the wall.
(He is like a man in a painting by Jean Dubuffet.
he is a silly fool, like a joker.
He is close to being a person made of only wires.)

6. Person of dry dirt comes out of the wall
and disappears into the wall.

7. A ghost of scabs and burns becomes thinner.
He is being pulled up by an imaginary thread and then evaporates.

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