From Dolls to Ghosts

A doll is smouldering.
This is wrapped around in flower pollen.
Suddenly flames engulf the doll. It becomes “Hyakki Yako”.
a hundred goblins in the night
who retreat while tracing the seams of the gown worn by a Rakan,
one of Buddha’s disciples. After they crumble into fine pieces,
it becomes a man with burns.
This man separates and becomes two dolls,
which are wrapped around in flower pollen again.
Then they become two people with burns.
One burnt man stays the same, the other becomes a ghost.
Both step back, becoming shadows.
Various faces appear in the shadows. They overlap each other,
which form an uneven wall.
This wall, like peeled scabs,
become ghosts that walk over Monet’s “Water Lilies”.

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