Flowers of Light

There is a flower of frozen light.
It reflects light like duralumin.
You are expressing, the cool and solid substance of the flower,
and at the same time, you are expressing the flower as it grows into the air.
You, the flower, are walking.

1. The substance of the flower is like light that is almost disappearing.
Although it is transparent, you are aware of the edge of the flower.

2. The (1) flower is stretching sideways
because a petal has curled up from below
and another has curled down from above.

3. The light in the (1) flower diffuses further into the air.

4. The (1) flower cools down, then becomes a flower made of glass,
then one made of duralmin and then one made of ceramic.
(The ceramic surface is rough, and is of a white, cloudy color.)
It is suddenly aware of something behind itself.
That something is a flock of spread peacock feathers.
The flock of feather has spread like a mandala.
Shrubs appear at your feet.

5. A milky white, very thin flower.
The flower is made of very thin petals, laying on top of each other.
The petals are all wafer thin.

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