Flowers In The Wall

Your hands hold two thin needles.
The needles keep a flower open.
You watch numerous insects flying around which form pillars in the air.

Watching this, your body becomes transparent
and is now a person drawn in extremely thin spider threads
like in Hans Bellmer’s drawing.

The body becomes even thinner, like strips of smoke.
The thin strip of smoke changes into a horse’s neck,
which stretches upward.

Your elbows trace the outlines of a blooming flower.

Your fingertips crack a tiny whip in the air.
Your elbows again trace the outlines of a blooming flower.
The fingers crack the tiny whip again.
Dust gets in your eyes. You tie the nerves,
which have shot out of your eyes into a knot.
This act is a strange spell. You look closely at your hands.
The body slips between your eyes and your hands.

Your eyes become bird nests.
The nests become people in paintings
by Peter Brueghel and your body becomes a wall.
When you move away from the wall that is yourself,
someone clings to your back.

You sway, and you have found yourself becoming a strange flower.

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