Flamen (Long Version)


Worms have crawled into anus. Mushrooms on the back.

Leeches on the neck. Worms on the cheek.

Ears in the nose. Toes cut the wind (Pachin).

Fingers are pins (or on alert). Listening to the sounds of hallucination.

Ears in the nose. A twig in the skull has snapped (Pokin).


A girl is approaching rhythmically from the faraway forest (Ton Ton).

See your eyes with your own eyes.

A giant amoeba in the space.

One thousand twigs.

Listen to the sounds in the back of the ears. The hands write strange characters.

Feet converse with each other. A kite goes up somewhere faraway (Fuwa). Certainly the body should also go up.

The doors on the chest and forehead open and close noisily (GattanGattan).

Eye on the tip of the hair. Bugs crawl up from the bottom of the feet.

Rotten odor everywhere.

Knee joints are plowing the field (SakSak).


Shit in the pants. The wet shit gets stuck between the thighs (PichaPicha). Run away from it.

A spiral vortex tightly winds up in the head (KriKri).

The head becomes a penis. Feet lightly breathe; once, twice (Fuwa).

When I thought of putting a foot down, it fell down by itself.

Was the place it landed really a floor?

Face may crumble down (Boro).

Fever. The hands on the floor have stuck to the floor due to the long years they have been there.

Using the wings on the back, try to peel them off.

Separation between wings and fingers.

Cornered blind whale. The sense of touch particular to a blind man.

Following the invisible things behind eyelids.

Mysterious density. Melting. Slippery texture (ZuruZuru).

Sensation of peeling off scabs.

A tiny person is running inside the inner organs.

Breathing of the side belly. Hands and feet have stuck to the floor and cannot be moved easily.

Feet caress the remains of feet.

Hands caress the remains of hands.


Teeth are the keys of the piano. Senile dementia. Convulsing cat flew and stopped in mid-air.

Bugs that crawl out of the anus. Spider’s web.

Eyes on the back. Eyes on the top of the head. Eyes under the chin. Eyes inside the stomach. Ears

on the side belly. Ears in the nose.

Shivering and mysterious path.

When the harmony comes to the climax, the right elbow is pulled by a string (Su).

Sunflower. Once, twice, three times.

When I thought of putting my hand down, it fell by itself.

I want to go to the toilet….

Fingers become a pair of high heels.

Sliding on the shit and phlegm (ZuruZuru).

Rotten odor. Peeling of a scab (Pari).

In that moment, a breeze blows under the belly after 25 years.

Somewhere the voice of a street vendor is heard.

The neck stretches to the inhuman length.

On the neck a leech crawls up. Uun, I want to go to the toilet…. ZuruZuru.

It is a fever. A vivacious counterattack of the Tatami mat is met. Uun, I cannot.

I still cannot. The only thing left is to rub feet together.

Then the rubbed feet are crumbling my facial skin (PoroPoro).

Strange peacefulness. An opening of a stretched sky.

A small mountain stream.

A boat is sailing through the canal of the body. Still, bugs will crawl out of the anus. A twig on the temple.

Strange letters drawn by the fingers will not stop.

An incompetent person who is in his sickbed for 25 years.

Flamen, what are you dreaming?

A blind man. A whale bitten by a small turtle. Or a drunken ship?

The bloody war scenes that are happening on the top of your head?

What a huge body you have, blind whale.

A boat enters in a small bay behind the eyelid.

Wait, maybe it is going out.

Density. Pus. Shit. Piss. Unable to restrain.

But behind the ears, I am definitely listing to some sounds.

Uun. I want to move. I want to move no matter what.

Emperor! War! UunPari!

Peel the skin that is fused to the floor. Pari! Hitler.

Holding a small knife on the right hand. Hitler!

Of course there will be a conversation between the feet. A foot fell by itself.

I cannot. I really cannot.

Just rub the feet together. A twig on the top of my head snaps (Pokin).

What’s wrong? What’s the matter? What happened?

In one Tatami Mat world, in my world.

Finally, are you going to stand up, Flamen?

Collapsed on the road for 25 years. Can you stand, Flamen?

Hohwever, hands and feet have lost their own functions.

Can you stand, Flamen?

Hanging flesh. Skin. Creaking bones.

Crumbling skin (BoroBoro).

Feet and hands do not listen. Each moves to its own direction.

From the bottom of the feet. Surprised. A slu;g is crawling up.

A bird flies out of the temple noisily in the body (Gura).

Something must have happened in the vast land of nerves.

Can you stand, Flamen?

A man with the organs of dried pus, blood, and shit.

What does it actually mean “to stand”?


Cracking sounds of joints (Giku).

Falling waist. Stretching chest.

Feeling on the feet after 25 years.

What does it really mean “to stand,” Flamen?

Can you stand, Flamen?


Understand the real meaning of “grotosque.”

The body that is living only with nerves does not move at all.

Can you stand, Flamen?

Hijikata, Tatsumi. Translator unknown. Retrieved by Rhizome Lee at unknown date. Date retrieved from Rhizome Lee: 10/22/2018 at the Subbody Butoh School in Dharamsala, India.
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