He has been in his sickbed for 25 years.

The owner of candy shop who is collapsed on the road side. Incompetent person.

Because of that his back is covered by moss and mushrooms.

The world inside one Tatami mat (about 1 by 2 meters). Imagination of a sick person.

Delusion of blind man.

Because of blindness, he has more sensitive nerves than the others who can see.

The sense of touch of a blind man. Nerves. A blind whale. A blind whale that was washed up on the beach. Countless small fishes are hanging on its body.

Lonely illusion that was aroused by extreme hunger and exhaustion.

He was a eunuch. Castrated and asexual. There is a kind of strange and mysterious air.

At the wound in which there was his testicles, blood and pus got mingled (GuchoGucho) and there is a spider’s web.

The filthy world of a spider’s web. It is fused with the cotton of Futon mattress.

Mouth, eyes, hands and feet have lost their own functions.

Chaos or discombobulation.

Look into the crystal transparently. Gaze at the darkness inside the skull. What a strange ghost palace.

In the Tatami space, around him, on the floor, on the wall, there are so many things and some vegetables are grown there.

There is a room inside the body. A room with a lock.

body language that re-constructs things that are separated.

Language between joints in each finger. Vast land of nerves.

Surround ambiguous things accurately. One tone is needed.

The appearance of lying down sideways is neither composed or collapsed. It is somewhere in-between.

Through driven to the edge, there has to be a strange peacefulness.


Hijikata, Tatsumi. Translator unknown. Retrieved by Rhizome Lee at unknown date. Date retrieved from Rhizome Lee: 10/22/2018 at the Subbody Butoh School in Dharamsala, India.
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