Feel the water body. Water takes on many forms. Feel the soft but also the turbulent, e.g. gentle waves or a whirlpool. Perhaps even make the sound of the varying forms of water. You may also feel the body as a hollow human-shaped plastic bag with open ends. Feel water entering through in varying ways, soft or turbulent. Find deep nurture. Physically touch water.


Feel lightness like a feather or a leaf. Wind, like water, can take on both gentle and turbulent forms. Make breath sounds. Find gentle spring air or tornadoes. Find aloofness or space to finally breathe. Physically feel the air.


Feel the varying fire qualias such as camp fire or burning passion. Flames can have a knife-like dance. Perhaps make cracking sounds. Feel excessively elevated or overtaken by a calm warmth. If there is fire nearby, feel the warmth.


Resonate with the ground itself. Other forms of bodywork may utilize props (yoga mats, cushions) but I recommend not using any props in order to build a deeper relationship with the floor or ground itself. A rock or dirt in the hands may help resonate with earth. The sound of an earthquake may assist in resonation. Stomping or pounding the ground may assist in developing this qualia for earth much like it is often done in African dance. Feeling the qualia of something related to earth (mountain, rock) is another way to resonate.

Combined Elements

Exercise 1: 4 Element Shift

Resonate with changing the four elements in your body by will.

Exercise 2: 4 Element Chimera

In chimera fashion, make earth your head, ir your right arm, water your left arm, and fire your feet. You can also do this while on your back.

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