Children are characterized
by sleep, dream, small hands like a maple leaf, still unstable neck,
round cheeks, unpredictable behavior and soft skin.

1. Neck tilts to the right, the little finger on the right hand is erect.

2. The neck is swaying to the left and right
as if it is not sure which way it will tilt.
Finally, it tilts to the left.
The right hand is holding a ring
while the left hand is playing with a brooch.

3. The neck goes back to the right again,
and the right hand turns the ring once in the air.
The child is slowly walking in its sleep.
The child walks without changing its height
so that it is hard to tell whether it is walking or not.
With every step it takes, it goes from (1) to (2), and (3).
What is the child dreaming about?

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