Celebration Within The Wall

Sitting, two “Faces of Bacon”.
The back of the left hand touches the floor.
A peony blooming amid space full of flower and pollen.

The Pope appears, but is pressed down by eyes looking down on him.
Sit slightly slanting and now become a woman of electric hair.

Now become a dog on the poolside. Sleep.
Then crawl around. A horse neck appears, twisting sideways.

Then the face turns this way, which is now a woman of electric hair.
Her hair is being pulled.
She is being looked down upon.
But a tornado has formed within her body.

She is again a horse neck.
The horse neck faces this way.
Stare at one point in space, which then returns to the viewer.
Go insane.
It then becomes an Ukiyoe woman.

Ukiyoe artist Hohnen’s “32 Faces”.
A happy woman, an impatient woman, a woman cuddling a cat,
a woman turning her face away from smoke, a sleepy woman,
and a woman shuffling cards.
Eyes fall. She inserts a long, ivory “kanzashi” hairpin into her hair.
Again, she turns into a horse neck, then repeats her hairpin movement.
Now she is a horse neck, looking down.
The horse neck puts on a hairpin slowly,
Smiling, and insanity.

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