You are aware of bull’s horns.
You are also aware of the bull’s weight and the hoof split into three.
You are dancing the wall painting at Altamira Cave.
They are ancient bulls.
As you dance, you are aware of the bull’s elegance,
weight and slightly wet body hair.
The horns turn in precisely seven directions.
The bull stands at dusk and it has become cloudy; it is just before a storm.
The bull’s head is decorated with dahlia flowers wet with rain.
The bull is aware that he may be sacrificed, that he may suffer pains.

The bull’s elegance is asleep.
The back writhes slowly in the shape of the letter “S”.
Small flames are lit in the armpits.
Worms come out of the bull’s anus.
Slugs crawl up the left leg.
Wings appear on the hips. The bulls sniff around.
A red flag flaps somewhere on the body.
1. Horse facing forward.
2. Horns face forward while he eats figs to his left.
3. The bull faces forward but the horns reach upwards and back.
4. Horns reach straight up.
5. Horns suddenly disappear.
6. Horns spread sideways.
7. The bull is drinking water,
and his horns are level and are turned backwards,
like those of a water buffalo.

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