Bugs Crawl

A bug is crawling on the back of your right hand,

A second bug is creeping down from your left side of your neck to your back,

A third bug is wriggling up along your inner thigh,

A fourth bug is squirming down from your left shoulder to your chest,

A fifth bug …

Ah, where is it ?

You’re so itchy, here and there. You can’t stand still.

Itchiness is shoving you all around,

Itchiness under your chin, itchiness at the base of your ears, itchiness around your elbows, itchiness around your kneecaps, itchiness around your waist,

Ah! There’re five-hundred of them!

Around  your eyes, around  your mouth, in your ears, between your fingers, in every mucous membrane

Five  thousand  bugs

A bug on every hair,

A bug in every pore,

From there two hundred thousand bugs are crawling down into your guts and drilling them voraciously,

Having eaten them up the bugs are coming out of your body through the pores,

Now they are eating the space around your body,

Now the bugs are full of the outer space and are being eaten (together with it ) by another kind of wbugs,

Lo! The whole universe is being eaten up by another-another kind of bugs.

( Half a billion bugs on a tree. The inside is all gone )

This is the end of the world.

All has deceased.

( What is dreamed in mind is what exists as reality in the universe.)

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