Auschwitz Walk

From separation to decomposition, ghosts, into King Solomon’s Palace.

Now, the door to the furnace has opened and the body has come out.
Hands are stuck to the feet while the neck is stuck to the chest and the back.
Twenty lumps of flesh have come out of the furnace.
Leprosy, cries, within the lumps of flesh
only the bones are brightly white.

Now the door is open;
the body has finally come out into the light after twenty years of darkness.
Auschwitz is fragile, it collapses in the light.

Lepers who have just now returned from the capital of leprosy,
Auschwitz has come out with its face powdered white.

The first season has arrived.
Whirling illusions, unseen seasons,
sparation of bones and flesh, internal organs are hanging outside the body.

Where have those screams gone?
Only hair and nails grow, irrelevant to personality.

The world has been totally changed.
Towards a word of antennas and particles.
The surrounding grass turns blue with fear.
Walking on the edge of a razor. Carriages inside a stone.
Insects crawl up from the feet.

Body buried inside a wall.

Insects in space. Particles fall away.
It is an insect floating in space.

Parched internal organs,
and an insect is dancing on a thin sheet of paper.

The insect, made of fine particles dances; Auschwitz overlays this dance.

A person, made only of antennas and particles,
so fragile that the slightest touch would destroy him,
wanders around

Folding screen on the forehead, edges of broken glass, whirling illusions.
This person walks in an electric current of extremely high voltage.

Birds are about to take off from the temples of his head.
Flying leaves and falling leaves.

The person stays put beneath these leaves,
stares at the inside of his own skull
and looks inside a piece of crystal.

Beyond the lips it is all sky.

The body becomes a cliff
then thins down to become a plank in a wooden fence,
then the person returns to staring at his own skull.
In darkness, not even a feather moves.

A locomotive has passed through my body, just now.
I am lonely railroad tie.

Leaves are falling inside the skull.
The body will sink a little.

Listen to the clinking sound of spoons.
This sound is also the sound of air flowing through the teeth.

The body stretches a little.
An eye appears on the tip of the index finger. A knothole on the fingertip.
Hands wander in a labyrinth of hands.
Incidents in the republic of the fingers.

The index finger stretches endlessly.
When this movement reaches the ultimate point,
dandelions bloom in the ears.
More dandelions in the mouth.
An evaporated man is standing there.

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