Appearing First As Girl of “Hagoita”

(In the mud, madmen are now visible and now invisible.)
The girl of Hagoita (Japanese wooden racket
used in children’s game at New Year’s) has appeared.

She now changes first into a girl
whose outlines are made of blurred ink
and then a girl like in a child’s crayon drawing.
She transforms back into the girl of Hagoita.

She sinks into the darkness of her own body.
She is laughing, her mouth is like an opened pomegranate.
Around the face, small neon signs are flashing.
From where the body sank, four small fallen angels appear
but they sink deeper into the swamp.

From deep inside the swamp, the body rises in the form of a stone face.
This face is aware of bushes in the forest toward the left.

A headband made of hard material has attached itself to the forehead.
Showing such perceptions,
the stone face further becomes aware of another forest
covering his chest all the way to his ears.
There is a third forest above his head.
There is a fourth forest behind his right shoulder.
He walks, carrying this forest on his back.

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