A Strange Neurotic

A strange neurotic performs the dance in the following mode:
No ambiguous forms are left behind,
and the dance is made of precise sensess of touch and the nerves
which sense these various things.
The first is a patient who appears wearing an imaginary crown
and whose face becomes a mask.
The crown becomes a bull’s horn,
and then the body of the patient becomes a bull.
The bull enters a revolving door.
When it comes out, his face is made of stone.
The world around the bull has suddenly changed.
The bull disappears.

The patient has merged into a different mask.
The patient walks around, as if lost.
The mask becomes attached to a certain place in the air.
As he tries to pull out of the mask stuck in the air,
something is staring at him from above.
The eyes in the air above him press his body down and the body,
as if trying to resist the pressure, stretches.
The battle between the eyes in the air and the resisting body reaches a climax,
and the patient finally gives off a very weak yawn.
his head is suddenly cut into two by something.
Eyes form on his back and dandelion seeds appear from inside his ears.
The patient tries to take a step, but an eye has formed on his feet,
and he has been immobilized.
His hair becomes electric hair and his ankles also become hair.
(The man and the space around him have become totally infected.)

The patient is now a piece of amber-colored Bekko-ame candy.
The candy turns around once and then becomes a dead tree.
(This process is clear and visible.)
The left hand moves independently.
One leech crawls up his right foot.
For a fleeting moment, he watches a shooting star.
He stares at a deer fawn trapped in a bottle.
He is listening to a metallic sound.
Nerves branching out like a drawing of the drug
mescaline by Henri Michaux, are attacking the man.
It then becomes a man who is trying to weigh himself on a scale.
He then enters another revolving door.

He has changed into a gecko lizard.
The lizard is trapped in a spider’s web.
The lizard becomes an insect floating in the air.
There is a keyhole on the insect’s fingertip.
An eye appears inside the keyhole, which traces the outlines of a plant.
The insect has now been transformed back into the original patient.
Inside his mouth, very fine hair like those on a peach, are growing.
He is itchy around his lips.
There is a fire at his foot.
The neurotic man withdraws into the rear.

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