A Flower Is Stuck On The Mirror

A flower is stuck on the mirror.

If you rub the surface of the mirror, the shadow of the flower trembles.
(Trace this process accurately.
Complete this using the “Bekko-ame” practice, the amber-colored candy.)

An infinte number of things stare at you.
The stares deconstruct your body which becomes someone only made of nerves
like in a painting by Wols.

The numerous nerves begin to tremble and overlap each other.
This becomes a blurred flower.

The blurred flower wanders around, always in a state of blur.
This becomes a Japanese ghost, which does not know where to go.
The ghost decomposes into smoke and almost disappears into the air.
From this, a solid porcelain doll has appeared.
(The state of being blurred is already the flower itself
and this is not a mere mental image.)

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